Merch of Mr. Dicks

$3.00 - $18.00 On Sale

Feel like watching Mr. Dicks on twitch and stalking his Insta aren't enough for you? Do you need to show your love of the artist by having him live in your house? Now you can! You can buy your own personal Mr. Dicks in the form of a plushie or sticker!

Take home some Brandon stickers today! If you're a twitch subscriber you may recognize his TWITCH EMOTE sticker or his ART OF MR. DICKS pokemonday logo, or if you don't watch him on can take home a mini Mr. Dicks Doll sticker.

Limited Quantity!
You can take home a limited edition handmade microsuede polyester plush doll. This is a super special item thats only available in limited quantity. Now you can have your own personal Mr. Dicks to watch tv with you, eat dinner with you, be your artistic muse, or even cuddle your dog.

The Brandon doll stands about 11” tall. Each plush is hand made in my living room. Made from 100% Polyester Microsuede - Comes with a handmade care tag. Shipped in a flat-rate box* to make sure he gets to you safe and sound!