Packs of Patreon Past!


Did you miss out on a month from my Patreon 'Sticky Sticker Club'? Well now you're in luck! I'm releasing my old sets JUST FOR YOU!

You can also snag the latest month by heading to my Patreon Page.

Available sets!
1905 - Animal Crossing (Isabelle, Lottie and Tom Nook)
2105 - Pokemon Sw&Sh (Yamper, Wooloo, Dreadnaw, & Corviknight)
2106 - Pokemon Danger Sneks (Ekens, Arbok, Silicobra & Dratini)
2107 - Amongst Us (Crewmate, Body, Ghost & Imposter)
2108 - Boba Cafe (Boba Tea, Rainboba, Taiyaki & Boba Bar)

//Product images are placeholder - Need to take better pictures. TT^TT

Each Patreon Pack contains at least 3 custom made stickers in a custom made package! The stickers all fit within a 3" x 4" bag.