PokeMonday Stickers Hisuian Forms


WHO'S THAT POKEMON!? I'm not sure anymore - because I've drawn a LOT OF THEM.. You've watched, you've waited, and now they're finally here!

All of Mr. Dicks PokeMonday stickers in one place for you to CATCH 'EM ALL!

**These are the NEW HISUIAN POKEMON from Pokemon Legends: Arceus**

Don't see a picture of the Pokemon you want? Check the other PokeMonday listings or even head over to Art of Mr Dicks' twitch stream and make a suggestion!


Assorted sized stickers! Sticker are appx 2-3.5"x 2-3.5" depending on design proportions. Each sticker is printed on laminated high-quality matte vinyl that I then cut w/ magic! It's durable and weatherproof and it's made by me!